About us

Our Career Centre was created as a result of the need to connect the University and work environments as obtaining a university degree is not the end but the beginning of the next stage of life.

We provide services to several target groups – prospective students, students/graduates and employers. Workshops are organised primarily in Czech but all students can participate. Students and graduates can also come for individual consultations in English. We cooperate with public institutions when organising individual activities such as seminars, trainee programs, etc.

We make it easier for prospective students to choose their future studies at the stage when they are just thinking about studying at the University. We offer them a comprehensive overview of the degree programmes with future employment opportunities offered by the individual faculties of USB.

We provide students with complete career counselling, including personal consultations, advice on creating a CV, cover letter or LinkedIn profile, or choosing a suitable profession. In addition to the Czech language, it is also offered in English. In addition, we facilitate cooperation between students and companies in the form of internships or the offer of a thesis at a particular company or institution. We support this contact through workshops and seminars, which are often led by representatives of selected companies and give students the opportunity to prepare for the real expectations of potential employers. The events cover topics ranging from work competencies, soft skills acquisition to time management.

Have a look at our video about the environment of the USB Career Centre through the eyes of students.

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